Amanda Snyder (pafuts) wrote in ornamentalia,
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The moderatror is embarassed

I have no ornaments to send out.

I don't even have an idea about what ornaments to make.

I blame myself. Hopefully, I'll get it together after the first of the year and get the suckers made.

I am still willing to coordinate for the 2009 exchange, although I may not participate.

I'm so sorry. :(
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Not to worry. No ornament shall arrive before it's time. The same can be said for ornament ideas. Also true for time for making ornaments. Coordination of lists and things seems much more crucial.

BTW-if we're still looking for someplace to send our interfilk ornaments and someone to deliver them to OVFF and put them into the auction, I'll volunteer. I have a place and alos the desire (and membership) to attend OVFF this fall. Just sayin'.....